18 septembre, 2006

Bling blingin'

So, I mentioned a bit back that I had a jewelry par-tay with my sis where we showed off some Lia Sophia goodies and our friends and fam bought a good amount of stuff along with me and the sis. A few weeks back, we received a big package in the mail at my sis's and got to check out and try on, I mean, sort out everyone's jewelry for them...hehe. Well, for your viewing pleasure here is the jewelry I got along with a few necklaces I bought at someone else's party, complete with a fake engagement ring to ward off the dragueurs that are bound to prey on this poor ricaine!

More to come about my weekend plus tard! Biz!!

NB:Engagement ring not shown(just realized I didn't take a pic of it, but I assure you it is a beaut!)

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