07 septembre, 2006


I have been a big H2O drinker for years now. My handy Nalgene ensures that with just two full containers worth, I get my daily 8 glasses of water. Often, I drink a few glasses more of water every day just because I'm not a big juice, soda or coffee drinker at all, so I usually have that or milk with meals. I attribute my good skin to all this water and when given the chance, I recommend people drink more water if they're trying to be healthier. So, water has never done me wrong...until now that is...dum, dum, dummm(can't you just see the Lifetime TV movie now?)

Ever since I started my summer job, I have been chugging back agua like there's no tomorrow out of boredom, fatigue, etc. It wakes me up, it makes me have to go to the b-room(don't even get me started on my tiny bladder, I'm infamous for "breaking the seal" and popping a squat-and franchement, couldn't care less). Besides those two pluses, it happens to be good for me to boot. Well, I have been usually throwing back a minimum of 16 glasses at work and then at least 4 more when I get home. So, I've been downing 2.5-3 times the amount of recommended water, folks. Sure, I've had to go to the b-room, that's expected, and I actually heard it was cleansing..not to be gross or anything. So besides those many, many trips, it hasn't ever been an issue.

Well, last night, I was just lazing around and I thought wow, I could go for some water, I really need some pretty bad, have I hardly had any today so I went and filled up my Nalgene and called it a night. This morning, I thought about it and realized, why in the world would I have EVER felt the need for water when I had previously had about 16 glasses worth? That's right, I had about 4 less than my average, but still a good amount. Then, today, after I polished off 4 glasses in about 4 sips, I thought, I could go for another Nalgene's worth! And, as I sit here, water is actually sounding pretty good right now. Have I gone crazy? No. I have decided I am a water addict. Hello, my name is Leah and I'm a waterholic. Can that happen to people? If so, sign me up for WA because I gots 99 problems and a sip ain't one. Mot to your mere, I'm OUTTIE.

As Robert Palmer would tell me(if he spoke franglais, that is): might as well face it, you're addicted to eau...

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