08 janvier, 2009

Warning: blog post is longer than it appears

So, I've gotten a few requests(hi Crystal and Emma!) for a blog post and hordes(over statement of 2009) of people asking me where the F I've been. Umm, doing stuff? Duh. I can't really say what I've been doing, I barely remember what I did yesterday! That's not true. I checked and my last post was from Dec 1st. Wowza. I know I had soirees up the wazoo all through December, went to the K&K 200th episode bash in Paris, had tons of lesson planning to do, then was sick, then got ready to go home for xmas break, then was home and was busy watching Food Network all the live long day, then I got back on NYE, got thrown into a soiree hosted at my apt but thrown by my amis because I didn't get back til 17h, then I slept a lot because I was all jet lagged-ed and then again with the tons of lesson planning and adding in test correcting, then this week has been apt hunting and that little(understatement of 2009) summary should bring you up to speed! To tell you the truth, I didn't really think that much about blogging or when I did, I just didn't have anything that great to share. And we allll know how well-written I like to keep my posts...or not.
What you should know:
-It was great fun at K&K's 200 episode and I am now officially "Intern Leah." I think that just means I'm supposed to do stuff for them and get paid in M&Ms. I'll gladly take it...as long as by M&Ms, they clearly mean mojitos and margaritas! Je deconne. Yeah, twas fun, met some bloggas(hi Andromeda and ASL!), stayed with my fave Canadian bloguesse(is there a word to distinguish female bloggers because I feel like there should be), saw the ksam and the kkarina and had some rhum-rhums finally. Yay!
-Home was awesome. I was so happy to see my family and be back home. And it snowed! The morning after I got back. I freaking love waking up to a beautiful, white, untouched layer of snow on the ground. It continued to snow throughout the day as well. I heart snow. I have a pic above that I took at like 7 AM or whatever heinous hour the jet-lagged me got up at. Oh and for the first time in a long time, I gave into jetlag and ended up going to bed super early and rising with the roosters(if we lived on a farm which we don't so don't ask why I said that) which was one of the worst ideas EVER because it threw me off schedule for the first 5 days or so.
Xmas eve was at my house and my mom and I made some delish wassail, olive garlic cheese dip(recipe below if I remember), Kariner-beaner's stuffing, roasted chicken with a white wine sauce and veg, eclair cake, apple crumble and other delices. It was so good, but we were SO fullll by the end. Don't worry, I still managed to shove my face with eclair cake at the end. Don't get me started on that...I might still be full from everything I ate over the Christmas hols. I don't believe in resolutions, but I do plan on getting back into faire-ing some sport in the near future which is much needed! Anyway, all in all a good time and I didn't feel ready to leave at all after just 12 days. I think I was spoiled by spending 6 weeks over the summer, those 12 days just flew by! Luckily, I was sent out in style by landing a spot in business class because I arrived so late at the airport due to traffic and there were no more economy seats. I got a seat that reclined, tons of legroom, real silverware and plates, a comfy blanket and the best part!!, a privacy screen so I could pretend the person next to me didn't exist. That was sa-weet. I actually got to sleep more than my usual little snippets of 5 mins at a time before my head jerks up because I'm so effing uncomfortable. I know this because I missed breakfast! I was a little bitter about it at the time, but it turned out ok because I got a bit of food on my London-Paris flight. Yes, I had a connection. I miss Air India's direct flights, but I actually got to sleep for once, so it didn't seem too long. Then later, per usual, I slept like a bebe on the train...that thing rocks me to sleep, I swear!
-I'm on the apt hunt. I've had 5 visits in the past 2 days with 3 different agences and I do have one candidate that is good placement-wise(a bit closer to centreville), c correct au niveau du prix, it's lumineux and has an American salle de bains!!! The major downside is that the kitchen is pas du tout equipee and literally just has the kitchen sink. Isn't there an expression with something about everything but the kitchen sink...this is the opposite, nothing except the kitchen sink. Oh wait, isn't it something about taking everything but the kitchen sink? Then, n-mind, this would be the same. I'm tired. So yeah, that is a big downside because it means money, money, money, money, mo-ney, MO-NEY! But, it might well be worth it. I think I'm going to schedule a revisit tomorrow and hope no one has snatched it up! I have 3 more visits planned for Monday, have emailed a few particuliers and then was thinking of going to another big agence in town tomorrow. I want to be all set by the end of next week. I'm going to be moving in before I know it and I have trop hate, I really do. Thank goodness I'll be moving on a weekend and thank goodness for friends that can borrow their rents' big cars! Also, I'll be on vacation the weekend after, so that should give me plenty of time to get stuff done that I won't have time to do during the week. Yay! Ok, y'all, I's reals tireds, donc I'm gonna go couche myself, but bonne nuit to you all and if I don't blog again soon, just know I really am trying to keep up with your blogs(although jeez you guys write a lot more than me...I had over 2oo posts to read on bloglines after I got back from xmas!) Toodles!

Recipe for delish dip:
1 cup green olives(with pimiento)
1 cup ricotta cheese
1 cup cream cheese
1 garlic clove
Mix olives and cheeses in a food processor until a little bit chunky but not completely smooth. Grate in garlic. Eat copious amounts!

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Milk Jam a dit…

oh yea!!! i didn't know you tried my stuffing :-) did you guys like it then?? i leeerve that stuff.
welcome home and merde on the appt hunting, no fun i know, but i hope you find the place of your dreams ;-)

Andromeda a dit…

Hurray you're back! I was just wondering how the apartment search was going, good luck! I think I already said this, but the apartment I am in now was the very first one I saw, so I am eager to hear what real hunting is like so I am prepared for later.

Kim a dit…

So jealous of the business class travel.. I'm so like you, have about 5 min of sleep before my head has tilted down too far and jerks up waking me with a huge fright and I look around to see how many people noticed it! So for the 24hrs of flying I did, this 5 min sleep/head jerk was dam annoying!! And I seriously fall asleep^so quickly and never succumb to the head jerk! Welcome back to france, think I'll try your dip, sounds yum!! Good luck on the apt hunt too.

Kim a dit…

Opps I mean I fall asleep really easily on the train.. I'm glad Clermont-Fd is the last stop otherwise I'd probably sleep right through!

au soleil levant a dit…

Welcome back to the land of the living! I thought maybe you had fallen off the planet during the leap second or something. It's fun to read about all your adventures! I also got upgraded to business for my flight back and it was FABULOUS. I don't think I can ever go back to coach, which means I won't be flying because I don't have the moolah for that. Good luck with the apartments!

Leah a dit…

K-Yep, three times now! Everyone is always a big fan of it! Thanks for the merde. Wait, what? ;) I actually like apt hunting, it's just more being under the time constraints that get to me.

A-Oh, I didn't know you ended up getting the first one you saw!(or I didn't remember!) I've seen 5 so far and the third one was the only one I've liked. But, we'll see what happens when I see the next 3!

K-Yeah, business class was pretty awesome, you should do like me and get there an hour before the plane leaves...or not!! Definitely try the dip and lemme know if you like it!

M-I know, I know...I'm a bad, bad blogger! Yeah, business class makes you never want to go back to economy, too bad it's like 5 bajillion dollars!

PS-My word verification is inert...how accurate!

Hayley a dit…

Thanks for reading my mentalist ramblings lol

Wassail dip? Is this similar to singing at trees festivals that they have in the country?

my e-mail is aylevickymato@googlemail.com

Jennie a dit…

Dude, I've been looking at apartment ads too, and I've been noticing some photos of a "kitchen" that is nothing more than a corner with a sink, and I'm like WTF? That is not a kitchen! There are no counters or cupboards!! Good luck on your apartment search!

Leah a dit…

H-No prob! The wassail and the dip are 2 different things, to explain the confusion!!

J-Seriously, tell me about it. And thank and good luck with yours as well!