01 juillet, 2008

No news is...no news

You know the expression no news is good news? Well, in my case, it would read no news is no news because really that's all I gots, no new news on the job front. I know I can keep the majority of my jobs I had this year, but I'm hoping to add on especially in the morning/afternoon time when cours d'anglais just aren't faisables. I have a few irons in the fire, but nothing for sure. Plus, I went to the fac today after doing my demande of dossier two weeks ago and nver getting the actual dossier in the mail and they said I'll get a courrier. It's unsure, though, what exactly this courrier will be and if it is the dossier, I'll have about a week to get things together to hand in, fill it out and have them get back to me with an attestation. I should be stressed out, but instead I choose not to think about it.

On a lighter note, here are some things that have been going on as well as future plans:

~Everyone and their mere leaving Rennes. Two of my assistant friends hit the road in May after their contracts ended, a student friend left this morning, Roomie#2 is leaving this week and my copine anglaise is going back to Engers in August. Good thing I have my French friends and one American who will all be staying and hopefully the newest coloc will be all sorts of awesomeness.

~I've had a new coloc since the beginning of June to replace Roomie#1 which I haven't blogged about really and then we also now have to find someone for the beginning of August in about two weeks time if I want to take part in the decision. The new roomie is nice, talkative, but a little coince'd of the cul I have recently discovered. I think his new blog name will now be officially CC or C Squared si tu veux.

~We had a Soiree BBQ/Fete-ing of the Depart of Roomie#2 this past Sat which turned out to be quite the big shindig with 40 people in the park right next to my apt(see video, ignore humming, I'm a dweeb.) Luckily my favorite lady, J, was a huge help and thank goodness because I basically did almost all the work thanks to my lazy roomies. Besides me being stressed for the entire week leading up to it and maybe the one before that, it really was reussi. It def made me sad to realize Roomie#2 was going so soon and who knows how often he'll be in Rennes slash available because he knows a tooooon of people and he'll be living about 2 hours away.

~I made the Chocolate Chip Cookies with the kids and no one kicked the bucket due to dairy product allergies. With the older kids, we played a fun game of Jeopardy. The school wants me back next year and might even be adding on 2 more classes of each level just to try and have smaller groups. Bring it on!

~I'm (finally) getting my hair cut in a week's time which is much needed as the last time was early January. L'horreur, I know, I know.

~July 15=back to the place where we speak americain and go to Target. I'll be there for about a month or forever. Take your pick.

8 commentaires:

kylie a dit…

my pick is a month. then you can stay here forever. or at least as long as i do.

Jennie a dit…

I haven't got my hair cut since October... does that make you feel a tiny bit better?

Anonyme a dit…

did you get the school teaching job privately?

on the hair front, I was terrified of french hairdressers until a few months ago when I finally realised that traelling through two countries to go to MY hairdresser was slightly daft.

Crystal a dit…

hey leah, good luck with the job stuff and the courrier/dossier. Private teaching jobs may not be a career, but they pay the french bills and that's all that matters! Enjoy this time in your life when you're not yet tied to a chair in front of a computer all day working for "the man".

I haven't cut my hair since last August but today I actually called to make an appointment. French coiffeuses scare the hell out of me, plus my "coiffure" vocab sucks.

I'd go with C squared :)

Have a great trip home. Please drink unnatural amounts of Starbucks for me.

Andromeda a dit…

I'm heading home the 23rd and can't decide if I should splurge (um, more than I already have) on some soldes or wait for Target . . .

Leah a dit…

K-I'm just waiting for the adoption papers to go through with Katia and M Squared. :)

J-That does make me feel a little better, actually. Haha. No, I totally comprend!

E-Yep, it's working in a private primary school, but it's only a few hours per week. I've been terrified for the past 2.5 years, I figured now was high time.

C-I hear ya. Like I said to Emma, I was scared too, but after the number of times that I've waited too long and my hair got super sec and just plain ol' moche, I decided to go for it. I don't have a huge amount of coiffure vocab either never having been, but I know degrade, frange, etc enough to get by, quoi. C Squared it is and no prob for the 'Bucks. When are you heading to Canadialand next?

A-Or a little of both??

Au Soleil Levant a dit…

Ummmm.... I totally posted a comment yesterday that isn't here today. grumblegrumble hateintrnet grumblegrumble

But I think the basis of my missing comment was that since we are IDWTLFY twins and I just got renewed, I think good news for you is just around the corner!

And say hi to the US for my on my birthday!

Leah a dit…

ASL-Thanks IDWTLFY twin! I really hope so re:my luck re:around the corner. I will say hi to les states for you, when's your bday?